Strategic coaching to develop personal and professional potential

At Marcus A. Wright, LLC, my leadership coaching session is classified into personal/individual coaching and group coaching. During either session, I align my coaching approach to suit your personal and organizational goals by working you through the complete John Maxwell’s program. During coaching, I empower you to achieve your goals, push beyond limitations, and maximize your potential by listening to you, understanding you, your ideas and perspective. I then challenge you to think outside the box, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and reach out to other ideas for achieving your goals. With my coaching sessions, I guide you and work you through the process of goal setting, vision identification, repurposing, and achieving.

personal/ individual coaching

In a private and confidential session either one-on-one or virtually, we will work together by following through on a carefully laid out plan that is particular to your needs. Regardless of the aspect of life concerned, my primary objective is to guide you on rediscovering your purpose, exploiting your potential, and achieving new levels of growth. Together we will map out a suitable operational strategy, schedule weekly interactive sessions, after which I will engage you with various assessments. At the end of every week, I make sure to hold you accountable for evaluations. 

During coaching sessions, we will discuss

  • Your goals and how you intend to achieve them
  • Your vision, life values, and guiding principles
  • Your potentials, and the best possible ways to reach and harness them
  • Your desired result after coaching
  • Your growth system, rate, and pattern
  • Your present ways of self investing and investing in other people
  • The most suitable strategy or plan for achieving your goal. 

At the end of our coaching session, you will begin to see your goals and ways to achieve them in brighter eyes, solve problems quickly, respond better to changes, and thrive conveniently in new environments.

Group coaching

Here, we will meet in small group settings either virtually or on-site and create a bond that allows each group member to contribute his/her input, and showcase his/her potential in a safe environment that is free of competition. My group session empowers every group member to reach within himself/herself to nurture and develop the leader within. We encourage open communication, which leads to more productive discussions and the development of better solutions for the actualization of common goals. This coaching session delivers a unique experience that follows the premise of an academic think tank. 

Contact me now and let us work together on moving you to where you want to be.