Leadership and Team Building

“A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influence” – John Maxwell

As a certified John Maxwell coach, leadership training expert, and speaker, I help organizations move forward by working with their leaders to develop and empower their teams. As a leader myself, it is my passion to develop other leaders by following through on a comprehensive John Maxwell leadership program to help discover and maximize all leadership potential required to move you forward.

During leadership training, I teach you to adopt a people-centric approach that exudes humility, valuable service to others, and vigilance. I understand that true leadership is all about service to others, and I encourage you to develop the right attitude and beliefs that influence others positively and propels them to succeed. Together we will set goals, discover and rediscover purpose, revitalize your dreams, exploit your potential, execute plans, and evaluate your success.

After our leadership training, you would have completed all of John Maxwell’s leadership programs, developed your leadership capacity, and learned how to empower your team by serving and positive influence.

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Team building

At Marcus A. Wright, LLC, I know that no man can succeed on his own without the help of others. And this is why sustainable team building and development is critical to your leadership success. For every organization, great leadership development is good, but what is even better is training a viable team that works in synchronization with your leader to execute core organizational plans.

By following custom made strategies tailored to suit the individual needs of clients, I have helped different companies develop their leaders, push and sustain growth through active team building.

I begin by listening to your team. We will discuss organization goals and challenges, individual strengths and weaknesses, and entertain personal opinions on ways to move things forward. I then proceed to develop custom plans that are particular to your organization’s needs and goals, design different tasks for accessing and evaluate each member’s contribution and commitment to your organization’s development. Then, I will deliver a series of coaching sessions, keynote speaking, and workshops where I guide your team to execute, carry on my laid down plan, and exceed your expectations. My strategic team building guarantees commendable and sustainable business improvement and growth. I will continue to evaluate team effectiveness, measure their performance through organizational growth, and ensure continuous improvement

At Marcus A. Wright, LLC, I believe that by developing the leader within every member of the team, we can achieve our desired results quickly. This is why I maintain small groups at a time, work directly with team members, and encourage everyone to consider himself a leader, thereby spurring them to strive to achieve more. By paying attention to open communication, active participation, and networking, I build trust and create a safe environment that is free from competition, which embraces diversity in opinions and persons, and lead them to focus on one final result – GROWTH.

After my team building session, you notice better employee performance and engagement, improved communication, and a new urge to do more, grow, influence positively, and move your organization forward.

Are you ready to break grounds and move your company forward through leadership and strategic team building? Get started now!

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